Program Admission

The population which Red Hawk Recovery serves is men and women, ages 18 and older, who have completed previous treatment or detox, who need a safe, sober living environment for continued success with recovery. It is a voluntary program and is privately funded by residents.

Admission Criteria

Residents must:

  • be admitted voluntarily
  • be men/women ages 18 years or older
  • be completely abstinent of alcohol and mind-altering drugs
  • must pass a urine drug screen
  • commit to a minimum of 6 months at Red Hawk Recovery
  • be medically and psychologically stable, demonstrating adequate self-control
  • be actively working with a sponsor and must attend all required meetings
  • continue to remain honest and willing in their 12-step program
  • be willing to actively participate in all activities of the program at Red Hawk Recovery
  • be employed and able to commit financially to the fees required by Red Hawk Recovery and continue to pay said fees on time

Admission Exclusionary Criteria

Residents will not be eligible for admission to Red Hawk Recovery if the person:

  • is deemed suicidal, mentally unstable, and/or dangerous to themselves or other residents.
  • exhibits evidence of continued psychiatric dysfunction that would require treatment not available to them through the program at Red Hawk Recovery.
  • exhibits evidence of an infectious disease or a non-stabilized medical condition that would prevent them from living in a community setting
  • is pregnant or has children in their care, as Red Hawk Recovery does not have the resources available for appropriate care or monitoring.

Residents not eligible for Red Hawk Recovery due to any of these circumstances will be referred to other programs deemed suitable by the Executive Directors of the program.