Georgia Drug Endemic?

2016 has been a tough year for drug traffickers and distributors. Atlanta has led several drug busts that beg the question: is Atlanta experiencing a drug endemic? While drug use is not uncommon across the United States, recent busts worth over $1 million suggest perhaps that Atlanta has a serious drug problem.

Where it Happens

Drug busts have taken place in nearly every corner of Georgia and range from marijuana and heroin to cocaine and methamphetamine (meth). John’s Creek police seized nearly 20 pounds of candy laced with THC earlier this month, while down in Rockdale County, over $600,000 worth of drugs were removed from a resident’s home in June. According to Fox5, the drugs removed were heroin and cocaine. The problem spans the entire state and has become a huge problem for the state of Georgia, not just Atlanta.

Who Uses and Abuses Drugs?

There tend to be misconceptions about who exactly is most likely to use and/or abuse drugs in their lifetime. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health suggests that drug use is widespread among teenagers, men and ethnic groups.

The demographic making up the largest group of users is teenagers. Their drugs of choice include prescription pills (Vicodin and Adderall), marijuana and artificial marijuana. Considering that most people who try drugs do so in high school, this isn’t too shocking, yet unfortunate nonetheless. The easy access to these drugs could also play a role in usage. Nearly every teen has access to inhalants such as bath salts and hairspray.

Another group that has seen increased illegal drug use is the baby boomers. states that this is “partially due to [their] historically higher rates of illicit drug use compared to those of previous cohorts.” Rates of cocaine use among baby boomers quadrupled while heroin abuse doubled. Despite this, baby boomers’ drug of choice is marijuana.

Drug abuse among the population tends to be more rampant in males. There’s a clear separation depending on the drug, but overall, men tend to abuse drugs more than women. They’re more likely to choose performance-enhancing drugs while women choose prescription pills says

So what drug is most commonly abused in the United States? Across the board, marijuana is the most widely used and abused drug out there. This falls in line with many of the recent busts here in Georgia. While state and federal agents are constantly trying to win the war on drugs, it seems that drug abuse keeps popping up everywhere, regardless of age, gender or location.

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