The Program


Recovery residences offer a vital component to recovery for individuals struggling with addiction. During this time, we learn who we are as individuals unaltered by substances and practice the 12-Step Principles in real life. The environment at Red Hawk Recovery has been custom-created to help you master self-care while enjoying freedom and normalcy, all in the company of others with the same goals. The fellow residents and staff members can help you rediscover your life and reclaim it as your own. You deserve a life worth living!

Our Mission at Red Hawk Recovery

Our mission is to provide a safe and structured environment to our residents, focused on the basic program and principles of the 12-step fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Staff members and addicts help other addicts improve and change their lives so they can stay sober and become useful and productive members of society.

We are an action-based program! Residents can expect:


We understand that many of these expectations are new for our residents, and we guide the them through the necessary changes needed to become the best version of themselves.

Healing an Addict

When people think of an alcoholic or drug addict, they often imagine a deterioration of one’s health. However, it can be said that some of the worst effects of alcohol and drug addiction can’t be seen. This includes the loss of, or damage to, personal and professional relationships, legal consequences, financial bankruptcy, countless missed opportunities or squandered potential, and a debilitating loss to one’s self-esteem and hopelessness.

Over the course of active addiction, individuals learn to live as addicts live, and all of these things become the norm. As years go by in the state of active addiction, it becomes more and more difficult to return to a life of sobriety. This is why long-term recovery residences following treatment and/or detox offer the optimal solution for those who suffer from addiction.

The founding members at Red Hawk Recovery have been there. We understand addiction and recovery because we have lived through it. We understand the recovering addict and offer personal experience, strength, and hope that only a recovering addict can offer. Let us help you reclaim the life you deserve! Contact us today at 856-441-1020 or 404-906-8646.